The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, thru its Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) program, has granted WalterMart San Pascual its EDGE 40 certification – the FIRST community mall in the country to be recognized for its design and resource-efficient building. 

“WalterMart see sustainability as being able to do more with less use of resources and be able lower our carbon footprint” says Jeck Buning, WalterMart’s Senior Vice President for Operations and General Manager. WalterMart Community Malls are committed to live up to its sustainable goals, not just for the social impact that has for the community but also for a sustainable environment that the future generation would have to inherit. WalterMart thru its newest mall aimed to reduce their environmental footprint by conserving energy, water and materials resources, and reflect a shopping venue that is sustainable and environmentally efficient thru its design. and construction.

Remarkable for it’s building design, WalterMart San Pascual is proud to use the Photovoltaic System that blankets the roof producing around 1600 kWp making it far ahead in terms of on-site renewable energy production. The building of WalterMart San Pascual is also equipped with 2 inches of foam roof insulation that protects the building from the heat of our tropical climate. Not only does WalterMart San Pascual has a reflective roof coating, insulated windows, and an efficient chiller system, it also has Solar Tubes installed in the mall to bring in daylight to its interior spaces without the use of conventional skylights.

WalterMart continues upholds its commitment of being operated by the community, for the community. True to its purpose, WalterMart will continue to bring the good life to more community not just thru its services but even in its shopping mall’s design, construction and day to day operations.